Welcome to St Mary's Lowgate Ringers Website

The current bells at St Mary's Lowgate in Hull date back to 1727 when Henry Penn of Peterborough cast a ring of five bells. Augmented to six in 1840 with the addition of a treble the six were in regular use until 1957 when tower problems forced the bells to be silenced.

In 2002 the bells were refurbished and rehung in a brand new cast iron frame and have been ring for services and practice nights since.

Ringing is an art and science dating back many hundreds of years and is unique to the British Isle and former dependents. We at Lowgate continue this tradition and welcome all to join our band.

Why Ring?

We are on the look out for new recruits to the band all the time, feel free to contact us via email or phone, or just turn up at the tower any Tuesday evening from 7:30pm.


Chris Baxter (Ringing Master)

m. 07974 079385